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What is the best way to invest money and not to lose it? This question is the most important for those, who have just started to think about getting passive income. “The best place to invest money” – it is the headline, which appears on front pages of many magazines about personal finance. Is it possible to find the truth in these magazines? Let us tell you more about the best ways to invest.

Investments with low risk

Investment risks may be divided into the following groups:

  • Market Risk
  • Interest Rate Risk
  • Legislative Risk
  • Purchasing Power Risk
  • Tax Risk

When it comes to real actions, the first thought which comes to an investor’s mind is a possibility to lose his funds. Investments with low risks give a guarantee that an investor will not lose his money, though this kind of investments never provides with a high interest. There are some advantages of such type of investments:

  • No risk. You will get your money and interest back, it’s sure for 95%. High risk of investments will never be so stable about paying back.
  • Financial projects with low risk.
  • Payment for years. High risk of investment companies exists for several months, while low-risk ones’ term is much longer.  
  • You don’t have to think, when you should start to invest. Even if you invest money into a low risk company near its end, you still have a possibility to get principal and interest back.

Unfortunately, there are some disadvantages:

  • Low interest:
  • Getting paid back monthly or even quarterly;
  • Bigger sum to invest into project;
  • Some of investment objects (gold, platinum) may lose in price.

Examples of low-risk investments: precious metals, immovable property, bank deposits.

Higher-yielding investments

Don’t you think that higher-yielding investments will bring you money easy and quickly? Only TOP-investors are aware, where to invest and where to have a high interest without risking at all. High return investments imply earning up to 60% profit a month, though they are too risky.

The best examples are the financing of start-up business, investing in PAMM-funds, investing money into HYIPs (High Yield Investment Program).

The basic rule in this sphere is diversification. Due to high risk to lose money you have to invest into several projects at once to minimize a chance to waste all your funds.

Quick investments

Example of quick investments is HYIPs which offer to gain up to 100% in 1 day. Well-known such as Forex and binary options may be called quick investments too.

In contrast with long-term investing quick investments have some unquestionable advantages:

  • Quick and high interest;
  • Principal returns back quickly;
  • Possibility to formalize relations online.

Regardless all the advantages above, don’t forget the following disadvantages:

  • High risk. The chance to lose your capital is 30% minimum;
  • You will have to learn. You can’t invest with Forex or binary options without knowing how it works.
  • You will have to learn the project. If you didn’t invest from the very beginning, you’ll likely lose all of you money.

Where should I invest my money?

Where should I invest my money? – the logical question which appears after reading this article. One of the best places to invest money for 1 year is This young and ambitious project has a client-oriented approach, its own feasibility and easy way to start your investing. Perfect for those who have just started his activity in the investment field.


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