Story Contest: My P2P Investments

In February, we announced an opportunity for our investors to share their investment stories on our blog and social networks. Among the applications, we randomly selected winners who got this chance. Today, we are pleased to present one of the stories to you!


I started working on P2P in 2016. I found out about it by myself, browsing the Internet. Previously, I already had experience with investments, primarily in stocks and real estate. In case of P2P, I liked the fact that people can help other people without the need for a bank. Because it is still the case that in many countries people do not get a loan from the bank. For me as an investor, lending money is also interesting because the return is good. In 2018, I was finally able to do so. I made my first P2P investment.

From the beginning I also decided to invest on the Robocash platform. When the availability of credits on Robocash increased in November 2018, I made my first investment on Robocash.

What I like most about the Robocash platform is the simplicity for me as an investor. It is easy and intuitive to use. The configuration options are sufficient, simple and clear. All in all I have to spend very little time for my investments on Robocash. For me Robocash is one of the easiest to use platforms. To make other investors familiar with the Robocash platform I have published two articles about Robocash on my blog. In the meantime I have also been able to recruit some investors in my circle of friends who are invested in Robocash.

P2P investments are especially important for me in order to generate a monthly payout and to have the freedom of choice to take cash away or to reinvest automatically. Investors who are looking for further diversification opportunities in the current low interest rate environment can add P2P loans to their portfolio and are thus able to generate a double-digit return.

About the author:

I am Jan, 45 years old and an enthusiastic and successful investor. I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others and especially helping young people to take responsibility for their financial health.


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