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What investments are advantageous in a pandemic?

Coronavirus pandemic, which started actively spreading in Europe in March and April, caused unrest among P2P investors. Concerned about the increase in default rates, some of them started looking for other investment opportunities. Let’s see how justified they are in the current reality.


Investing principles of the great: women’s tricks

Gender inequality still remains to be an issue in the investment world. The majority of investors are men, which is partially explained by the difference in education, psychology and living conditions.  On average, women earn less than men, their career suspends or even stops when they give birth to children. Nevertheless, some of them have great financial skills and reach success. Today, we will continue the series of articles about the investing principles of the great people with stories about female investors.


Story Contest: My P2P Investments

In February, we announced an opportunity for our investors to share their investment stories on our blog and social networks. Among the applications, we randomly selected winners who got this chance. Today, we are pleased to present one of the stories to you!



Investing principles of the great: Harry Markowitz

Сontinuing the series of articles about famous investors, today we will talk about the “father of modern finance”, Ph.D. and Nobel Prize winner in Economics Harry Max Markowitz.


How does P2P lending affect banking?

Global trends suggest: P2P lending is getting closer to traditional banking in terms of volumes. The capitalization of banking (€ 7 trillion in the 2nd quarter of 2019) is still many times greater, but the sector is slow, which becomes one of the key factors stimulating the growth of its alternative counterpart. This makes banking be more attentive to the success of P2P lenders.


Investing principles of the great: Nassim Taleb

We continue the series of articles about famous investors who earned a lot with their investment principles and helped others to increase the welfare. One of them is Nassim Nicholas Taleb, a successful investor whose approach combines mathematics, philosophy and the ability to see simple, but not always obvious things.


P2P lending: myths or reality?

Today, the interest of investors and borrowers in P2P segment is growing. However, both parties are cautious about popular beliefs related to alternative lending that may make them miss the opportunity to take advantage of it. What “myths” exist around P2P and how justified are they?


Investing principles of the great: John Bogle

With the growing role of big business and institutional capital, it is difficult to succeed and make a fortune nowadays. That is why it is getting even more important to understand the principles of increasing personal wealth. Today, we start a series of articles about great investors and their approaches. Let’s begin with a man whose ideas have made more than a hundred thousand people millionaires.


Fintech and alternative lending: Investment prospects of Southeast Asia

A good investment is not easy to find, and sometimes, investors have to spend time looking for it. Still, there are different opportunities, and one of them is alternative lending. Surely, this market behaves like an underdog in many developed countries, but some regions prove it to be a diamond in the rough. Southeast Asia turned out to be one of the most outstanding among such regions. While the growth potential of its mostly agricultural countries is impressive, there are a few more things to consider.


Diversification of assets. How to choose the best and set priorities

Chasing two rabbits you will catch neither, but in most cases, this principle cannot be applied to investing. A chosen project can be highly promising, but a failure can lead to loss of investments. Although the asset diversification is common knowledge for investors, some still ignore it. But how wrong they are!