British P2P market might leave a “safe harbor”

The British P2P market continues to steadily grow, but is facing significant competition from continental players.

Against the background of the local market isolation after Brexit and the departure of a number of major players, the British P2P market remains a powerful financial segment.

According to Innovate Finance's 36H Group, the market expanded by 120% last year. In terms of revenue, in 2022 it promises to grow to $336 M, up 11.8% (YoY).

Positive market expectations are also confirmed by audience interest in the P2P lending. According to GoogleAds statistics, compiled from the Top 100 thematic queries in the UK sector, this interest has been stable over the past year with prerequisites for growth.

On the other hand, there are also negative signals. According to 12 UK platforms with open statistics*, attraction volumes have declined this year. Although the sample does not reflect the entire British market, the data from major players is still indicative.

“The current European socio-economic situation may significantly reduce the activity of British investors. It's also worth noting that continental P2P players are showing signs of increased activity. The market is gradually returning to pre-crisis volumes, although it is too early to talk about the final stage of recovery. Nevertheless, the British P2P market remains large and promising, and it is too early to consider it as a “safe harbor”. - Robocash analysts comment. 

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