Croatian and Italian P2P platforms develop most steadily

P2P consumer lending platforms are the most stable in their growth, while the business segment is increasing faster than the others. Geographically, sustainable development is mainly shown by Croatian and Italian players.

In terms of the amount of attracted funds, the P2P market is dominated by mixed-type platforms. The largest companies belong to this type, and they are also bigger in number. More and more platforms are opening up new directions, offering investors a wide range of options for diversification.

At the same time, the average monthly growth of this segment over the entire period is only 4.1%, while platforms offering business loans are growing at an average of 10% per month. “Such a rapid growth is probably influenced by the project specifics of the segment, when a large amount of funds is collected in a relatively short time”. - specialists of the platform comment on the statistics.

The consumer loans segment is growing more stably than others. “Systematic development is achieved due to the fact that the amount of investment per person is small, and the number of customers is large. Ease of asset management and the availability of various guarantees attract and retain investors.” - experts say.

In terms of geography, Croatian and Italian platforms stand out for their stability. “To define the growth of specific companies, we analyzed the monthly increase in volumes and the degree of deviation from the linear trend in the market. Platforms under 2 years of age were not considered since their statistics are not enough to determine the leaders of the segment. Taking into account the above indicators, the most stable results were shown by the Italian and Croatian platforms.” - specialists add.

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