Interview with Viacheslav Chvoro, the Head of the Analytical Centre of Robocash, for TodoCrowdlending

Read the interview for TodoCrowdlending, where The Head of the Analytical center of Robocash Viacheslav Chvoro talks about top assets to look at in 2021 and predictions for 2022.



The 2020 crisis has become a test for the entire market and the P2P investment niche is no exception. Viacheslav Chvoro, The Head of the Analytical center of Robocash, talked about how the European P2P market might behave in 2022 and whether it is a worthy replacement for other types of assets.

- Which factors are critical when choosing the P2P investment platform?

- Can bitcoin really replace gold as the store of value of the future?

- Do consumer P2P investments have more potential than business loans in 2021? 

- What would happen to the P2P investment niche in 2022?

These and other questions are covered in the interview. Read it now and learn more about the future of alternative investments.

Read the interview

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