Investing in Passive income strategy


If you just want to put the money to work, you can choose a calm, and at the same time quite profitable path. In today’s article, we will uncover the idea of a passive income strategy.

Passive investing differs from other types of financial investing in that you need to spend less time and effort to make a profit. Unlike active investing, which requires fundamental market analysis, here it is enough to choose the right instrument, diversify investments according to different parameters and check the portfolio from time to time to see how the passive capital is growing. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

On platform, UnaPay consumer loans, as well as Singaporean and Kazakhstani commercial loans for a period of 30 days to 2 years are an excellent option for passive income. By the way, long-term investments do not close full access to investments: their liquidity is supported by a secondary market option.  

When investing in various types of long-term loans, you can get a yield of 11 to 12.3% per year. At the same time, with an investment of 90 days or more, the accumulated interest will come monthly. So every month you will be able to receive about 1% of your invested fund.  

How does it work in practice? Let’s say you want to invest 10 000 euros for six months. You will receive approximately 96 euros* monthly. When investing in a loan for a year, the monthly payment will be 100 euros, and for two years it will be 103 euros. Every month you will get this amount without making any special efforts, and these funds, in turn, will also be able to generate income in the future.

On, you just need to configure a few parameters and the Autoinvestment tool will automatically invest your money. You do not have to constantly monitor the payments received, since the platform will do it for you. 

Passive income can be a great strategy for earning extra money. Being able to make more funds in good times and protect yourself in the event of a sudden job loss won't take much of your effort, but it will pay off over time.

*The calculation in the example was made without considering any bonus offers. As a reminder, with an investment of 5,000 euros or more, you can participate in the Loyalty Programme, which increases your interest rate. Learn more about the programme here.

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