Investments spur economic expansion

Over the last 10 years, the share of investment in the European GDP averaged 22%. The investment activities of economic agents mainly drive capital accumulation, financial sector expansion and global cooperation.

Since 2014, the average level of investment in European countries amounted to approximately 21.55% of the corresponding GDP volume. The largest share of 13.02% comes from enterprises (banks, corporations, etc.). State bodies (Central Bank, governments, ministries) ranked second with 3.17%, and the remaining 5.36% are households. 

Increased investment activity of economic agents in the past primarily contributed to the increase of non-financial assets in the GDP of Europe. In particular, over the last 10 years the share of fixed capital involved in the formation of GDP has increased by 3% and remains at the level of 22%.

There are also more opportunities to invest in financial assets. According to Eurostat data, the total volume of such instruments in Europe in 2023 amounted to 192.8 trillion euros against 156.5 trillion at the end of 2013 (+23.2% growth). Financial corporations are the most important here, with 56.3% of all European assets on their balance sheet in 2023.

The activity of economic agents has an effect at the international level as well. "In fact, countries themselves act as macro-agents, investing in the assets of other geographies and forming international cooperation", - the analysts of comment. Thus, according to the World Bank statistics, the degree of openness of European countries (the ratio between the sum of exports and imports and GDP) has increased to 1.11 in 2022. In 2002, this indicator was 0.68. "This shows significant progress in the integration of Europe into the world economy and an increase in its role in global trade and investment," - the experts summarize.

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