More than half of European P2P investors include cryptocurrency in their portfolio

A recent survey conducted by analysts of the investment platform shows that 65,8% of European investors have crypto assets in their portfolios. Digital currency ranks third in popularity among other assets, after P2P investments and stocks.

The number of investors who increased the share of this alternative asset in 2021 is 42%, up from 31% in 2020. Moreover, every third of those who deal with cryptocurrency said t

hat they make a significant profit. But at the same time, the overwhelming majority of crypto investors (82.9%) limited its share to a quarter of the total investment portfolio. Only 34.2% of respondents have no digital currency in their portfolio at all.

When asked directly whether this year's bitcoin rally influenced the change in the balance of investors’ assets, just 15.5% answered that this was the reason to increase the cryptocurrency share. Three out of five respondents (61.8%), in turn, confirmed that the surge in bitcoin quotes had no effect on them.

The determining factor in choosing an asset is the combination of reliability and profitability. Thus, according to the respondents, the best options are stocks (38,4%) and P2P investments (20,6%), which offer an attractive rate of return in conjunction with a good degree of safety guarantee (Buyback guarantee, etc.). Interestingly, gold, the top-asset of 2021 as predicted by analysts of, gained a modest 3.2%. “Apparently, the traditional asset, despite its fairly high reliability, finds little response from the "new generation" of modern investors”, comment researchers. Given all the mentioned data, cryptocurrency ranks third in the list of assets attractive to investors (15.1%).

The interest in crypto is explained, rather, by the broad outlook of P2P investors in search of optimal investment opportunities, add the analysts. “Another supporting factor is the steadily increasing strategic trend. However, the extremely high volatility of cryptocurrency prices is undoubtedly a serious deterrent. In this sense, the guaranteed high profitability inherent in P2P investments is much more interesting for European investors, and this interest is growing. It is confirmed by the fact that 46.7% of surveyed intend to increase their share of P2P investments in portfolios this year”.


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