P2P investments clear the path for high-income investors

According to the Robocash survey, P2P investments confidently remain popular among respondents with an average income. At the same time, the share of investors with large portfolios is growing, reaching 35%.

At the end of 2022, investors with income from 2 to 5 thousand euros still make up half of those surveyed on the platform. The share of respondents with earnings of more than 10,000 euros increased by 2%. “
P2P investments look attractive both as a really affordable and highly profitable financial instrument,” Robo.cash analysts comment on the statistics.

Popularity of P2P investments is also confirmed by the fact that P2P consumer loans continue to lead as the most sought-after asset (23%). At the same time, the share of ETFs in investors’ portfolios has grown significantly (+17 p.p. in half a year). "In terms of balance between profitability and risk, today investors are becoming more cautious." - experts say. “In this sense, the drop in popularity of super-volatile cryptocurrencies last year to a record 1% (-7 p.p.) is very noteworthy”.

Amid rising investor income the share of respondents with a portfolio of 30,000+ euros increased by 5% over the past year. "It is likely that this is a direct consequence of the cumulative effect of investment savings, the market confidence, and, in general, the effectiveness of P2P investments as such." This is also confirmed by the fact that over the past year 64% of respondents have increased the volume of their P2P portfolios.

The year also showed positive changes for Robo.cash. “The proportion of respondents whose investments in the platform occupy more than 25% of the total portfolio is steadily growing." - add analysts.

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