P2P lending aims at business

In 2022, the business sector expanded by 76% compared to the previous year. European P2P consumer lending reduced the pace of growth.

Last year, the most popular P2P segment of consumer lending had reduced volumes. According to P2PMarketData, the decline was -25%.

“The consumer P2P investment scheme is characterized by relative ease of use and the option of a fairly quick exit. This may have led to an accelerated outflow of funds during the market crisis.” - platform analysts comment on the situation.

Funding for the real estate sector remained at the 2021 level of €700 M. “Obviously, against the backdrop of a pan-European rise in inflation, rising prices for energy carriers and other negative factors, the year was not the best in terms of the development of serious real estate objects.” - experts add.

At the same time, business lending in the European market has expanded and continues to grow. To date, the volume of the sector has reached €300 M. “As the main reason we see the tightening of the credit policy of the traditional banking sector and the growing wariness of venture investors. Venture capital funding for European startups has fallen by 25% in 2022.” - analysts note. “European business is increasingly eyeing the P2P market. The situation will only develop until the pan-European foreign policy conditions are finally stabilized.”

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