The end of the year boosts P2P investment activity

The last three months of the year tend to increase P2P investors’ activity. Concerns about market behavior in October and financial plans for the new year are prompting them to diversify their investments.

The investment platform analyzed 43 European P2P platforms of consumer and business segments for the seasonality influence.

According to the research, October is the month of the highest investor activity. It is noteworthy that for the past 5 years it shows significant MoM growth compared to September, on average by 16%.“This increase in the demand might be attributed to the negative psychological reputation of October as a "disastrous" month in traditional investing. P2P loans look like an excellent diversification option in this regard”. -  comment analysts

Another possible reason for the investors’ activation during this period is the summing up of personal finance accomplishments and thereby creating a reserve for the new year.

However, despite the identified presence of monthly peaks in the activity of European P2P investors, within the months themselves, there is no clear pattern in this regard. “The bursts occur at different times and can be explained by both market conditions and marketing events held by the platforms. A relatively common point is only the activation of investors at the end and beginning of each month, especially at the end of December as the final month of the year”. - add specialists.

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