The P2P market to grow by at least 20% in 2022

The optimistic scenario for this year is supported by the general development trend of 2021. Specialists are also betting on the industry going beyond the traditional framework through joint projects with other financial sectors.

Positive P2P market forecasts for the current year are facilitated, first of all, by the trend towards an increase in the volume of attracted financing in 2021. According to, the European P2P lending market in December reached a level of attraction of 671 M euros, showing the growth of 43% YoY.

It is noteworthy that in December 2021, the long-awaited mark of the pre-pandemic market milestone was finally reached and overcome. 

With the natural development of the trend for 2022, the market can increase by at least 20%. For European consumer and business lending platforms*, growth rates are expected to at least double to an estimated +47% YoY.

“The P2P market is becoming more balanced in terms of the big players distribution. In addition to systematic growth, it has significant potential outside the industry. We are talking about both geographic opportunities, such as working with new loan originators, and cross-segment, namely new types of projects with other financial sectors, such as banks. This, and the subsequent growth across the EU economy as a whole, promises to boost investor activity this year.” - platform experts comment on the forecasts.

* - 25 European platforms were selected for analysis

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