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2021-06-21 Investing in Kazakhstan: Introducing Zaimer team, Kazakhstani loan originator

Introducing our partner in Kazakhstan - team of MFO which works under Zaimer brand. Zaimer is one of the TOP-3 players in the Kazakhstani microcredit market. Fast and secure process of microcredit issuance is the priority of their work. Watch the video to meet the team of professionals, who provide smooth functioning of all business-processes.

2021-06-17 The more you learn, the more you earn: 6 essential books for P2P-investors

Education is an important asset to be constantly invested in. has selected books that will help you to dive-in the world of finances and P2P-lending, regardless of whether you are a beginner or an advanced investor. Never mind that some of them were written in the last century, they are still relevant today, as they give a powerful set of advice on achieving wealth and dealing with crisis situations.