FAQ. Investor’s income

If you have questions, you will find answers to some of them in this section. The answers have been provided by our managers with extensive experience in the market and great expertise in the area. We hope that you will benefit from their advice and comments.
What does the investor's income include?
The investor's income is made by percentage earnings. Every borrower makes payments to repay the loan, in accordance with the signed loan agreement. The interest of the investor purchased the loan is transferred to the investment account after the borrower repaid the debt. For example, the investor acquires a loan in the amount of 70 Euro and gets back 70 Euro plus interest to the balance.
Is the investor’s income taxed?
Robocash doesn’t withhold any taxes from an investor. However, the income of the investor is subsequently subjected to tax in accordance with the legislation of the investor's country.
Where can I see the current state of my investments?
The current account value, purchased loans and other information would be seen in the account after signing in.
When and how do I get the invested money back?
If a borrower repays the loan on time, the disbursal is executed on the day of repayment of the principal amount by the borrower;
If a borrower doesn't repay the loan, the payment is made on the date of the buyout of receivables by Robocash. In case of non-compliance by the borrower, Robocash platform buys out the receivables from the investor on the 31st day of delay payment without further authorization from the investor.
Payment is disbursed by transferring funds to the Investor’s virtual balance from which he can transfer them to his bank account.
If I invest in a long-term loan, will I get the income only at the end of the term?
The loans of 90 days and longer bring you interest income at the beginning of each month. When the loan is due, you will get back the invested amount and the interest earned for the last month of owning the loan.
Also, you can sell a loan before the due date on our Secondary market. You can learn more about it in the section “Portfolio settings” of the FAQ.
What interest rates do you offer?
Annual interest rates on Robo.cash depend on the loan terms. The longer the term, the higher the interest rate. Now the interest rates range from 10.5% to 12.3%.
In what currency does the investor receive income?
Investor purchases loans and receives payments in Euro regardless what currency a borrower took.
Is there any fee charged when an investor withdraws funds to the bank account?
Robocash doesn’t impose any additional fee. It’s better to find out if there are any charges taken by the bank where you have an account.
What happens if a borrower extends the loan? Does my income increase?
The borrower has a possibility to extend a loan for the same period for which it was issued initially. It doesn't matter for an investor because we purchase a loan on the 31st day of the initial date of repayment. It means that changes in the repayment date don't affect the buyback.
What happens if the loan is repaid earlier? Do I lose my interest?
The investor makes a profit on the days when the borrower actually uses the loan. Investor’s income payment date is the date of the loan repayment. In other words, if the loan was issued for one month, and repaid in one week, investors and creditors will receive the interest only for a week.
Is it possible to receive income directly into my bank account?
The site allows customizing the work so that the revenues are automatically redirected from the virtual investment account to the client's bank account.
For better cash management investors can specify multiple bank accounts on the platform and then choose the specific account to make a withdrawal of funds.
Can I have several bank accounts linked to my Robo.cash account?
Yes, you can. In order for your new bank account to be linked to your Robo.cash account, you will have to make funds transfer from your new IBAN to the Robo.cash platform (min 10 EUR). After that, you will have the possibility to choose the appropriate bank account from the drop-down list during funds withdrawal, or your old IBAN can be removed by your request.
I've changed my mind, can I cancel the investment? At what stage?
In order to stop making new deals, disable your investment portfolios. An investor can't cancel signed treaties. You will have to wait until all loans are repaid or closed on the Buyback guarantee. You can also put your loans on secondary market any time and wait until other investors purchase them from you.