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2021-07-22 Investing in 3 key strategies for maximum profitability

When choosing the best investment strategy, it is important to understand not only how it benefits others, but also how it aligns with your own goals and risk tolerance. Whether your priority is liquidity or security guarantee, in the end the strategy will work for you. In our series of articles, we will talk about possible ways and strategies for investing on the platform. Today we introduce you to the three strategies of increasing profitability.

2021-07-16 Interview with Viacheslav Chvoro, the Head of the Analytical Centre of Robocash, for TodoCrowdlending

Read the interview for TodoCrowdlending, where The Head of the Analytical center of Robocash Viacheslav Chvoro talks about top assets to look at in 2021 and predictions for 2022.