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Official statement of Robo.cash Founder on the current situation

As today, most countries of the world have been exposed to the COVID-19 pandemic, this has led to uncertainties in the economy and raised many questions among investors. Given this, we would like to address the situation and provide an update on what impact it is having on our business.


Coronavirus epidemic has not affected portfolios of P2P investors

While financial markets are experiencing instability due to the coronavirus epidemic, it seems that European P2P investors have not been affected by the situation. According to a poll of the P2P platform Robo.cash, 76.4% of them continue investing as before, without making any changes to their portfolios.


Robo.cash increases interest rates for all products to 14%

From today, we are increasing interest rates for investors to 14% for all products on Robo.cash - both consumer and commercial loans of any maturity. All the current available loans will be offered with the new interest rate as well. We recommend our investors to update portfolio settings accordingly. 


New products from Singapore are now available on Robo.cash!

The extended product line from Singaporean company Robocash PTE Ltd. announced in February is already available on our platform! Now, investors can choose different types of commercial loans from this loan originator to invest in: with the maturity of 90 days at 10%, 180 days at 10.5% and 365 days at 11%!


Transparency of P2P platforms is a priority for 40% of investors

A recent survey conducted by the P2P platform Robo.cash among European P2P investors has shown that transparency plays a key role for them. Thus, 40.7% of respondents said that they rely on this criterion when choosing a P2P platform for investing.


Updates concerning loan originators from Kazakhstan on Robo.cash

Due to recent changes in the legislation of Kazakhstan concerning microfinance activity, Robocash Group suspends operations of the loan originator LLP Z-Finance. From now on, lending services of the group in the country will be provided by LLP MFI Tez Finance.


Investments in Singapore reach over 20% of the total on Robo.cash

Two months ago, investors of the P2P platform Robo.cash got an opportunity to invest in the offer of a Singaporean company of Robocash Group. During this time, they have funded 2.1 mln EUR of its loans, which is just over a fifth of the total investment volume on Robo.cash. 


Robo.cash attracts 10,000 investors

In February, the number of registered investors on the European P2P platform Robo.cash reached 10,000. Remarkably, last year the geographical distribution of its users changed significantly, due to a large influx of investors from Bulgaria, Spain, Italy and Portugal.


¡Robo.cash actualiza su oferta desde Singapur!

¡Nos complace anunciar los cambios en la línea de productos en Robo.cash! El creador de préstamos de Singapur, Robocash PTE Ltd., ha actualizado su oferta de préstamos comerciales. Los productos se introducirán en la plataforma gradualmente a partir de febrero de 2020.