Noticias relocates its operations to Croatia

We would like to announce that will relocate its activities to Zagreb, Croatia by March 28, 2019 in order to facilitate further dynamic growth of the platform. We invite you to join us in the new country and benefit from the opportunities brought by the relocation!


European investors are interested in investing in Philippine loans

Since the integration with the Philippine loan originator in December 2018, the European P2P platform has funded 2.4 million of Philippine loans. This is the highest volume of financed loans among all loan originators of Robocash Group for the first 3 months after the integration with the P2P platform.


One-third of investors allocated over €10,000 on P2P platforms in 2018

Recently, the European P2P investment platform conducted a survey among P2P investors. According to its results, the popularity of P2P investments is on the rise: 69% of the respondents started investing over the last two years, and 35% of investors allocated more than 10,000 on P2P lending platforms in 2018.  

2019-02-28 celebrates two years of operation

It has been exactly two years since the launch of the European P2P investment platform For the time of operation, it has demonstrated steady growth and raised 5.6 million of investments, which allowed to finance 760,000 loans totaling 66 million.

2019-02-21 has started an Investors’ Profile Survey has started a survey for P2P-investors to see what has changed compared to the previous year. We invite all the P2P-investors to take part in it. Your contribution is very important to us!

2019-02-11 sums up the results of 2018

The European P2P platform has summed up the results of the past year. They demonstrate a growing interest in using the platform: the number of investors doubled compared to 2017, and the total volume of attracted investments reached €5 million.

2019-01-15 welcomes the Philippine loan originator

The European P2P platform has been recently joined by its first lending company in Southeast Asia Robocash Finance Corp. Now users of the platform have an opportunity to invest in the Philippine short-term consumer loans in EUR with an annual return of up to 12%.


Una carta del fundador de a los inversores de la plataforma

A partir del lunes 19 de noviembre de 2018, todos los nuevos préstamos en euros que se agregarán a proporcionarán un rendimiento anual de hasta el 12%. Teniendo en cuenta las noticias, los usuarios de la plataforma deben actualizar la configuración de su cartera.


The leading Russian online loan originator joined to

The European P2P platform has been recently joined by the leading Russian microfinance company MFC Zaymer which has supplied investors with the opportunity to invest in short-term loans issued by its online lending service An expected annual return for investors will comprise up to 14% in EUR and up to 18% in for loans listed in RUB.


The case of was shared at the fintech forum FINOPOLIS

The Russian largest forum for discussion and analysis of existing trends and future challenges in the financial industry FINOPOLIS 2018 took place in Sochi on 17-19 October 2018. One of the speakers was the Founder of the “peer-to-platform” platform Sergey Sedov who shared the experience of implementing robotized p2p investing in Europe to overcome the issue with funding shortage.