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Loan originators

At this page, you can see details about the lenders represented on Robocash and the model of operation with investors and find loan agreements for better understanding to which conditions borrowers are served in different countries by different lenders.

Loan agreement

Loan agreement


LLP Zaimer began its work in the Republic of Kazakhstan in August 2015 with the launch of the first country's robotic service for issuing instant loans to a bank card completely online. Today, the service attracts customers also through its own offline network, which has 125 sales branches. Based on the results of the analysis of the company's financial performance in 2016, the service The Strongest in Kazakhstan awarded LLP Zaimer with a status the "Strongest" in the field of online lending. LLP Zaimer acts as a member of the FinTech Association of the Republic of Kazakhstan and takes a direct part in the formation and development of the local market of alternative lending.


Website: https://tezcredit.kz/
Launched: 2018
Number of employees: 50
Issued loans: 50 000 EUR
Type of loan: Installment
Currency: KZT
Loan size: up to 500 000 KZT
Loan maturity: up to 12 months
Interest rate for investors: 14,5%
Buyback guarantee: 100%

Model of operation

Verified Users of the platform ROBOCASH (Limited Liability Company ROBOCASH) can access TezCredit loans that have been uploaded to the platform by LLP Zaimer, which are linked by the ultimate beneficiary Sergey Sedov. TezCredit is the first creditor on the platform ROBOCASH, providing Installments loans.

Each TezCredit loan is assigned to the relevant final Borrower and is secured by the rights of the LLP Zaimer to the Borrower under the Consumer loan agreement. According to the Assignment Agreement, ROBOCASH is authorized to service the claims, accept payments arising from the Loan Agreement, which LLP Zaimer receives from the Borrower and transfers on the account on ROBOCASH, and pay them to the User in the order and amount stipulated in the Assignment Agreement. The principal amount of the consumer loan received by LLP Zaimer from the Borrower and transferred to the account on the platform ROBOCASH is simultaneously paid to the User in proportion to the amount of the acquired right of claim against the specific Borrower in full together with the accrued interest.

When repayment of the consumer loan is extended or delayed for more than 30 calendar days, LLP Zaimer buys out the right of claim of the User of ROBOCASH in full with the simultaneous payment of the accrued interest.

If the User does not want to wait until the loan expiry, the User has the right to return investments on the page "My investments" in the personal account. In case of cancellation of the investment before an expiry of the claim, the User receives return according to the actual period of possessing the right for the loan.

Loan agreement

Loan agreement