7 out of 10 investors to increase P2P portfolios after the crisis

According to a survey conducted by the P2P lending platform Robo.cash, 68% of P2P investors intend to increase their portfolios in the post-crisis period. At the same time, 37% of the respondents are going to explore new platforms to further diversify their investments. Considering the growing demand, most investors expect a change of interest rates on the platforms in this period.

In spite of the consequences of the pandemic and its negative effects on the economy, as many as 68% of investors are willing to expand their portfolios as the market recovers from the crisis. Another 27% of the respondents claim they will not change their portfolios on P2P lending platforms, and only 5% of investors surveyed may reduce them. 

Concerning diversification, almost a half (44%) of investors say they will continue investing in the same platforms they did before the crisis broke out. Meanwhile, 37% of the respondents will try new P2P lending platforms. 

Robo.cash analysts comment on the results: “It is likely that the demand for investment products on the P2P lending market will grow in the post-crisis period. Consequently, if the demand outgrows the supply, a decrease in interest rates on P2P platforms may follow. According to the survey, 47% of investors are ready for the interest to go down, with three thirds of them (77%) expecting a decrease of only 1-2%. However, 37% of the participants think that the returns will stay on the same level. Only 15% of investors are of the opinion that the interest rates on P2P platforms will grow once the market is stable, most of them predicting an increase of 1-2%.”


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