Celebrate the 4th anniversary of and win prizes!

On February 21st, celebrates its 4th birthday. Share the joy with us and participate in the bonus campaign!

On February 21st, celebrates its 4th anniversary! Since inception in 2017, more than 13,000 investors from the EU and Switzerland have joined the platform. All crises have only made us stronger, and our investors have had a chance to see the reliability of and the strength of the group behind us. As of today, has funded over 220 mln EUR worth of loans - all thanks to you.

To share in the celebration, we invite you to join our special anniversary campaign for a chance to win a prize of up to €1000.

Here is what you need to do:

1. Deposit funds and invest on from February 20th to March 10th. For every €500 of positive net change in your investment in this period, you will get 1 ticket.   

2. Increase your chances of winning by investing more funds. Each additional +€500 in net deposits made from February 20th to March 10th will award you one extra ticket. 

3. On March 11th, check your investor profile to find the purchased tickets with unique 6-digit numbers. The tickets will be used to determine the winners. 

4. From then until March 24th, do not make any withdrawals.

5. On March 25th, 10 randomly selected winning tickets will be awarded monetary prizes!

Please note that if you make any withdrawals from March 11th until March 24th, all of your tickets will be discarded. We recommend you to disable the “Payout” option for your portfolios on the Invest page in your profile to make sure you keep your earned tickets.

The winners will be picked randomly using a reliable third-party app on March 25th, 2021. You will also get an email with the numbers of winning tickets to check if you have won the prize!

Let investor Nick walk you through the whole process:

Investor Nick deposits €500 on February 20th. Determined to win a prize, he invests additional €400 on February 23rd and €600 on March 7th. When March 11th comes around, Investor Nick finds a total of three tickets in his profile (500 + 400 + 600 = 1500; 1500/500 = 3), numbered 101538, 410213 and 699021. Until March 24th, he makes no withdrawals from his portfolio, and on March 25th, when the winning tickets are announced, Nick is thrilled to find out he has won €1000! 699021 turned out to be one of the lucky numbers.

Happy 4th anniversary to you, we sincerely appreciate your continued support! Join in the festivities by taking part in our anniversary campaign and win amazing prizes!