Live webcast with CEO Robocash Group Sergey Sedov

On April 7th at 13:00 CET, Founder and CEO Robocash Group Sergey Sedov will hold a live webcast for investors. 

Lately, we have been receiving enquiries from investors about the work of and its parent company Robocash Group in the context of the coronavirus pandemic. We strive for transparency and are always open for communication. Therefore, we invite you to join our live webcast, which will be held by Sergey Sedov, Founder and CEO Robocash Group on April 7, 2020 at 13:00 CET. 

During the stream, we will provide a detailed report on the business performance of Robocash Group and measures undertaken to support uninterrupted operation of the platform and the group.

The second part of the webcast will be held as a Q&A session. You are welcome to submit your questions in advance through the form or ask them during the stream.

Please note that the webcast will be conducted in English. You can access the stream here:

Looking forward to your questions and hope that you will join us at the webcast!

Feel free to contact us in case of any questions at