closes September with new milestones

We are pleased to end September with new achievements on the platform and in the Group. Let's take stock on the progress we have made this month.


  • In September, loans worth 13.1 M euro were funded and we have hit an all-time high of 300 M financed since the launch of
  • 602 investors joined us, adding to more than 19 thousand registered on the platform now.
  • September brought investors a record 265 thousand euro.



  • Robocash Group published the consolidated financial report for H1 2021. Our parent holding has issued USD 326.5 M worth of loans, surpassing last year’s results for the same period ended by a staggering 134.1%. You can find the Summary Combined Financial Statements with the Independent Auditor’s Report here
  • The European P2P sector is in a fast growth state. If you still have doubts, we have compared the market numbers with some world’s facts. What country would all the European investors fit into? What can you buy with the average income of one investor? Read about these and other interesting figures in our new blog post.
  • For beginner investors, we continue our series of tutorial videos. This time we have collected for you 6 big regrets of experienced investors. Subscribe to our channel and continue to invest wisely.
  • And another big event that brightened up last month! In September, we hosted our investor and financial blogger from Germany Lars Wrobbel. We are thrilled to tell you soon how the meeting went and how Lars remembered Russia, watch in a little while in our news.


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