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Together with the Latvian Startup Association ROBO.CASH will attract international business to Latvia

SIA "ROBOCASH" as a member of the Latvian Startup Association will contribute to the implementation of the development strategy of Latvia as the international center for the alternative P2P-lending.

The alternative lending platform has become a member of the Latvian Startup Association in June 2017. The Association will facilitate its integration into the Latvian infrastructure of mutual P2P-lending. In its turn, as an international group of companies will be able to attract international business to Latvia. 

The company sees high potential in the development of Latvian P2P-market as a center for retail investment attraction from around the European Union. Latvian online platforms of mutual P2P-lending showed the highest growth rates in Europe last year. In terms of the amount of funds raised this way, the country is among the continental leaders after Germany and France.

Latvian P2P-business initially chose an international way, which contributed to the growth of popularity of Latvian P2P-services among European investors. The perspective of Eastern Europe countries as a field for a successful credit business is becoming increasingly evident.