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LAFPA und ROBO.CASH will develop P2P technologies in Latvia

Within the frames of the Latvian Association LAFPA the P2P-platform ROBO.CASH is aimed to contribute to the development of financial technologies in Latvia and creation of a reliable and responsible sectoral practice in order to provide positive long-term cooperation.

The fully automated P2P-platform ROBO.CASH joined the Alternative Financial Services Association of Latvia in June 2017. Mutually beneficial cooperation gives high potential to both sides. The Association will help ROBO.CASH to integrate into the Latvian P2P lending community. In its turn, ROBO.CASH as a  part of an international credit group will provide development of international business in Latvia.

The company sees great possibilities for development of the peer-to-peer lending sector in Latvia. Last year Latvian online credit platforms experienced intensive growth and led the country to the third place on the market within Europe, after Germany and France.

An international way of development made Latvian P2P lending platforms rather popular among European investors. Promising Eastern Europe countries are becoming more attractive for successful lending companies.

In collaboration with the Association ROBO.CASH will support the development of efficient information technology solutions and financial services outside the banking sector in order to make it convenient and understandable to the society.