The leading Russian online loan originator joined to

The European P2P platform has been recently joined by the leading Russian microfinance company MFC Zaymer which has supplied investors with the opportunity to invest in short-term loans issued by its online lending service An expected annual return for investors will comprise up to 14% in EUR and up to 18% in for loans listed in RUB.

The P2P platform and one of the leading microfinance companies in Russia MFC Zaymer which operate together within the financial holding AS Robocash Group have recently expanded their partnership. Now users of the investment platform are able to invest in consumer loans issued by the online service for up to 30 days.

MFC Zaymer has been active in Russia since 2013. According to the results of the first six months in 2018, the company is among the TOP-3 alternative lenders in the country by the size of the PDL-loans portfolio. For the time of its work, the company issued 2.5 million loans amounted to EUR 140 million by the end of October 2018.

Certainly, the integration of the Russian online lending service with the European investment platform is an important milestone for the development of the entire financial group which portfolio has comprised ten fintech products already. The success of the lending service in Russia provided a strong foundation for a dynamic expansion into the European and Asian markets. Until now, the Russian lending service was financed from the own assets. In that sense, attracted investments will allow us to scale up business further, enhance implemented technologies and develop new products”, — commented Sergey Sedov, Chief Executive Officer of AS Robocash Group.

The average loan size issued by is equivalent to EUR 60 with an average maturity of 18 days. Investors of the platform can expect a net annual return of up to 14% in EUR and up to 18% for loans listed in RUB. All loans are secured with a buy-back guarantee which comes in force the day after a delay or extension of repayment.