The case of was shared at the fintech forum FINOPOLIS

The Russian largest forum for discussion and analysis of existing trends and future challenges in the financial industry FINOPOLIS 2018 took place in Sochi on 17-19 October 2018. One of the speakers was the Founder of the “peer-to-platform” platform Sergey Sedov who shared the experience of implementing robotized p2p investing in Europe to overcome the issue with funding shortage.

Attracting of investments is a key issue for companies which operate as alternative lenders and target expansion. This is confirmed by the example of the international holding Robocash Group, which first credit companies bootstrapped their way to success. On 17-19 October at the Forum for Innovative Financial Technologies FINOPOLIS 2018, Chief Executive Officer of Robocash Group Sergey Sedov shared the case of solving the issue with lack of funding for the group through the investment platform launched in February 2017 to attract private capital from Europe.

According to the report of Sergey Sedov, complete robotization of the investment process with the implied “peer-to-portfolio” model, which allows the user to invest into the portfolio of microfinance companies of the group rather than a separate loan, combined with a buyback guarantee and higher returns on assets turned out to be such an attractive offer for the European investors, that loans from Spain and Kazakhstan on are completely bought out by active users.

Among other topics discussed during the forum, this year was the interaction of the government and business for the development of new services and technologies. With regard to the most promising technologies from a practical point of view in the near future, Sergey Sedov mentioned the development of identification systems.

If we think how to improve financial inclusion, then the development of the unified identification can have the greatest impact, like Aadhaar in India. Today, we see that government services in Russia develop in a similar way”, - Sergey Sedov commented.