Update on the performance of Robo.cash loan originators in Q3 2020

Today, we are sharing the information on how our loan originators performed in the 3rd quarter of 2020.

Prestamer.es (Spain)

The Spanish loan originator Prestamer.es has shown one of the best results in the whole group. 

  • In Q3 of 2020, the lender issued 59% more loans than in the previous quarter; their worth was 66% higher.
  • Debt collection rate grew by 36% from Q2 2020. 

With excellent performance of the risk management team, the company significantly improved its portfolio quality and got a well-balanced business model. 


TEZ Finance (Kazakhstan)

Kazakhstan demonstrated exponential growth on all key indicators in Q3 of 2020. The company’s focus in this period was made on increasing debt collection efficiency, boosting sales and reactivating the existing customer base after the harshest lockdown period and growing customer quality. After the lockdown restrictions were set in Kazakhstan, the lender started a stricter loan issuance policy. To improve portfolio quality, the company only issued loans to repeated customers and did it mostly online. With the restrictions lifted, we are returning to the usual working regime. 

As a result of such tactics, the company managed to:

  • grow disbursement volumes by 60% every month since June. The amount of issued loans has nearly reached the pre-crisis levels;
  • increase the efficiency of the company and set a solid background for the next quarter. 


RC Riga (Vietnam)

In Q3 2020, the Vietnamese loan originator focused on developing and testing a new business model. Following its new protective policy, the company was issuing loans only to the most reliable customers. Then, the lender gradually started to serve new customers as well, but only those who have good credit history with other companies. All these measures helped us reach a high recovery rate and increase disbursement volumes and profits.

This model allowed us to:

  • increase the share of repeated customers in September to the record-high value of 95%;
  • raise the amount of extended loans in Q3 by 21%. This helped boost the growth of interest income and at the same time, to improve the company’s portfolio quality.


RC Riga (Singapore)

The Singaporean loan originator attracts funds for the development of Robocash Group business in Asia. 

  • Indonesia. In the past 3 months, the Indonesian company focused on working with the most reliable customers and on collection of debts from the current portfolio. Clients’ recovery rate grew by 15%. It also cut its expenses to strengthen the company’s position. Thus, we managed to form a new business model and are now planning to carry on issuing loans with high borrowers quality. 
  • India. The Indian company adjusted its scoring procedures during the toughest lockdown period and kept on issuing loans to repeated customers. Already in September the disbursement volumes grew by 200% compared to August, and they gained another 150% in October. Incoming payments grew by 5% in Q3 compared to the previous quarter.
  • Next year, the group is planning to enter new markets and launch a lending business in Sri Lanka.


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