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The latest news about the platform Robocash and its results

We are relaunching Refer a friend Programme!

We are glad to announce the comeback of the Refer a friend programme. You can invite your friends to invest safely with, increase your passive income and let your friends earn more, too.


P2P lending platforms with lower interest rates grow faster

Analysts of the European P2P lending platform found that low and medium interest rates let platforms grow faster and more sustainably. The platforms with high interest rates (more than 12.5%) are more volatile and their growth is inconsistent.


Profitability and work within financial group help P2P platforms overcome the crisis

A recent study conducted by the European P2P lending platform has named positive profits in 2019 and work with affiliated loan originators as the 2 key factors for P2P platforms’ success during the crisis. Remarkably, interest rates, funding volumes and the platforms’ experience do not play big roles here.

2020-10-01 update: Loyalty Programme & monthly payments on longer-term loans

We value our investors and appreciate your trust, so today we are launching a Loyalty Programme to express our gratitude. What is more, from now on our investors will receive payments on Singaporean loans on a monthly basis.


Demand of P2P investors for long-term loans doubles since June

The European P2P lending platform has found that the demand of investors for long-term loans offered by its Singaporean loan originator is rising. In August, the platform’s users funded €1.5 mln of these loans, which is twice as much as in June. This might mark a new trend among P2P investors.


Summary of Live Webcast #2 on September 3, 2020

Following the publication of the audited financial statements, the Founder and CEO of Robocash Group Sergey Sedov has held a webcast for investors. In the webcast, he talked about Robocash Group and the P2P platform’s performance in the past three years, the results of the first six months of 2020 and the holding’s plans for the future. Below, you can read a summary of its key points.

2020-09-09 updates the interest rates

Since September 1, 2020 all loans on will be available at 12%. Please, remember to update your settings so your money keeps being reinvested. You can still receive a profit of 14% in the future by investing in long-term loans from Singapore now. 


Live webcast with CEO of Robocash Group Sergey Sedov

On September 3, 2020 at 13:00, CEO and Founder of Robocash Group Sergey Sedov is going to hold a live webcast. 


Robocash Group releases the financial statements for 2017-2019

In the last three years, Robocash Group has shown sustainable growth and has developed significantly. Actions always speak louder than words, so today we are presenting the audited combined financial statements by KPMG International Cooperative to be more transparent to our investors.


66% of P2P investors say reliability is of essence

A survey carried out by the European P2P lending platform shows that most investors view the pandemic as a source of valuable lessons. 2 out of 3 respondents think that the crisis has not hit the P2P segment too hard, but it has revealed the importance of being more careful choosing a platform to invest on.