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The latest news about the platform Robocash and its results

Christmas influences portfolios of 37% of European investors

In a survey of the P2P platform, 37.2% of European P2P investors said that Christmas has an effect on their investments. During the festive time, most of them review their portfolios, increase the volume of funds or try new types of investments. 

2019-12-26 suspends investment into the loans of Robocash Finance Corp.

The P2P platform has decided currently to suspend investment into the loans of Robocash Finance Corp. It is necessary  to emphasize that it is guaranteed that all commitments on the sold loans of Robocash Finance Corp. on the platform will be fulfilled. All the invested funds including the earned interest will be paid back to investors in due course set by the existing assignment agreements.


European investors will spend from €100 to €500 on Christmas gifts this year

This was revealed in a survey of the European P2P investors conducted by the platform According to the findings, such an amount will be spent by 55.5% of respondents. It is notable that 58.5% of investors are going to buy presents online.

2019-12-18 brings investment opportunities from Singapore

The fully automated P2P platform has launched a new product - long-term commercial loans, which will be provided by the Singaporean company of Robocash Group. Now, users of the platform can invest in the development of the group in Southeast Asia. Moreover, this is the first opportunity in Europe to invest in Singapore through a P2P lending platform.


Investors’ confidence in P2P lending is growing in Europe

According to a survey by the platform, 64.9% of the European P2P investors have full confidence in P2P lending. Remarkably, 52.3% of respondents mentioned that P2P loans take a considerable share of their investment portfolio - over 25%.


Online banking, payments and money transfers are TOP-3 fintech products used by P2P investors

These are the findings of the P2P platform based on a survey among European P2P investors. Respondents show positive attitude towards digital services in general, which in large part is due to the age aspect. Most of them are Millennials and Gen Z who have grown together with the digital environment. 


Every eighth P2P investor in Europe spends the most on traveling

Along with everyday expenses, such as housing and food, European investors spend a lot on trips. Thus, traveling is the largest expense in the budget for 12.3% of them. These are the findings of a recent survey conducted by the P2P platform


78% of investors start investing before the age of 35

According to a survey conducted by the P2P platform, 78% of P2P investors in Europe made their first investment before the age of 35. One of the reasons to begin investing early is connected with the long-term goals of investors who aim to save money for retirement or to support their children.


More than a third of European p2p investors prefer active lifestyle

This is confirmed by the results of a survey conducted by the European P2P lending platform Thus, 25% of European P2P investors mentioned sports and 11.7% - hiking and camping as their hobby.


P2P lending in Spain is gaining momentum

A study conducted by the P2P platform has shown that the number of search requests associated with P2P lending in Spain grew from 9,400 in July 2015 to 12,000 in June 2019. A significant increase of the queries in 2017 with a peak in March correlates with the growth of Spanish alternative finance market by 23% compared to 2016.