The latest news about the platform Robocash and its results updates its offer from Singapore!

We are happy to announce the changes in the product line on! The loan originator from Singapore, Robocash PTE Ltd. has updated its offer of commercial loans. The products will be introduced on the platform gradually starting from February, 2020.


Investors aged 28-37 years invest in long-term loans most often

Analysts of the P2P platform have studied the profile of its users investing in long-term loans. Based on the platform’s statistics, they have revealed that most often, loans issued for a period of 12 months are chosen by investors aged 28-37 (41.9%).


5 key trends determining the development of European P2P lending in 2020

Analysts of the P2P platform have identified the most likely trends for the further development of alternative lending in Europe. The most prominent include the increasing importance of the P2P sector in its mainland part, gradual creation of a pan-European space for crowdfunding and stronger cooperation of P2P platforms with banks.  


2020-01-29 starts a Cashback Campaign for loans from Singapore

On February 21, 2020, will celebrate its third anniversary. In anticipation of this event, we are announcing the start of a Cashback Campaign for our investors! Invest in loans from Singapore and receive a bonus of 1% already in March! 

2020-01-20 doubles funding volumes in 2019

The fully automated P2P lending platform has summed up the results of its operation in the previous year. For the whole time, the platform has financed 140 million of loans. Out of them, 80 million were funded in 2019. Compared to 2018, it was a double increase in the financing volumes on


Christmas influences portfolios of 37% of European investors

In a survey of the P2P platform, 37.2% of European P2P investors said that Christmas has an effect on their investments. During the festive time, most of them review their portfolios, increase the volume of funds or try new types of investments. 

2019-12-26 suspends investment into the loans of Robocash Finance Corp.

The P2P platform has decided currently to suspend investment into the loans of Robocash Finance Corp. It is necessary  to emphasize that it is guaranteed that all commitments on the sold loans of Robocash Finance Corp. on the platform will be fulfilled. All the invested funds including the earned interest will be paid back to investors in due course set by the existing assignment agreements.


European investors will spend from €100 to €500 on Christmas gifts this year

This was revealed in a survey of the European P2P investors conducted by the platform According to the findings, such an amount will be spent by 55.5% of respondents. It is notable that 58.5% of investors are going to buy presents online.

2019-12-18 brings investment opportunities from Singapore

The fully automated P2P platform has launched a new product - long-term commercial loans, which will be provided by the Singaporean company of Robocash Group. Now, users of the platform can invest in the development of the group in Southeast Asia. Moreover, this is the first opportunity in Europe to invest in Singapore through a P2P lending platform.