FAQ. Loans and borrowers

If you have questions, you will find answers to some of them in this section. The answers have been provided by our managers with extensive experience in the market and great expertise in the area. We hope that you will benefit from their advice and comments.
Does the investor have access to information about the borrower?
The investor can see some information about the borrower like terms and size of loans, as well as the citizenship country of the borrower. The investor doesn’t have access to other information. In accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection, the lender doesn’t have rights to disclose personal data of its customers to third parties.
How is a borrower checked before the issue of a loan? How are the risks assessed?
Checking is based on many different parameters. For example, we analyze the data from social networks, information on payment of taxes and fines, the data from several credit bureaus. Moreover, the checking of the major part of the information is done automatically thanks to our high-scoring system which excludes the human factor and any related errors.
Can the investor contact the borrower on their own?
There is no such possibility and no need in it as we take all risks associated with non-return of a loan. The investor will receive the remuneration anyway; the loan repayment process and communication with the borrower - that's our job.

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