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Loans listed in Russian rubles look attractive to 21% of European investors

A poll conducted by the P2P platform Robo.cash has revealed that apart from loans listed in euros, European P2P investors show interest in other currencies. Thus, 21% of respondents prefer investing in Russian rubles. This currency is attractive as it has strengthened by 9% against the euro since the beginning of the year. The second most popular national currency among the P2P investors is the British pound (12.9%), the returns on which are slightly higher than in the Eurozone.


Interest in P2P lending is growing steadily in Eastern Europe

Analysts of the P2P platform Robo.cash have studied the search activity associated with P2P lending in Europe. The results show that its relative popularity is nearly 5 times greater in Western than in Eastern Europe. Remarkably, while the interest in this segment in the East has been increasing steadily, it has remained almost the same in the West. Rapidly growing volumes of the East European market confirm the tendency - from 2015 to 2017 they increased by 153%. 


60% of European investors learn to manage finances on their own

A survey by the European P2P platform Robo.cash showed that 60.4% of P2P investors gain knowledge in finance on their own. In overall, 89.2% of respondents have some form of financial background, which allows them to make informed investment decisions independently.


Robo.cash has funded €100 mln worth of loans

The European P2P platform Robo.cash has financed €100 mln of loans. The platform's data for the first seven months of 2018 and 2019 show an upward trend: this year, the volume of funded loans has grown by 74.5% and amounted to €41.9 mln. Along with other reasons, this can be explained by the increasing demand for online lending, which creates more opportunities for P2P investors. 


El 56% de los inversores españoles, italianos y portugueses buscan ingresos rápidos

Según los resultados de una encuesta realizada por la plataforma europea P2P Robo.cash, la estrategia de los inversores P2P depende de su mentalidad, aspectos socioeconómicos y geográficos. Por lo tanto, la encuesta reveló que los inversores de los países del sur de Europa se centran en resultados más rápidos y mayores ingresos. Entre ellos, el 56% prefiere invertir en préstamos a corto plazo y el 30% espera tasas de interés más altas. En Europa Central, la proporción de dichos encuestados equivalía al 47% y al 26%, respectivamente.


56% of female investors rely on advice to make financial decisions

A survey conducted by the European P2P platform Robo.cash revealed that 55.9% of female investors rely on external help when making financial decisions compared to 44.3% of men. The most popular sources of advice for both sexes are financial media and blogs, which are trusted by 23.5% of women and 22.9% of men.


Robo.cash offers new investment opportunities from Southeast Asia

The European P2P platform Robo.cash has added new investment opportunities from Southeast Asia. Within the partnership with RC Riga, the P2P platform offers to invest in the Vietnamese company of Robocash Group.


Robo.cash marks the milestone of 1 million funded loans

The number of loans financed through the European P2P platform Robo.cash has reached 1 million. For the first five months of 2019, the platform has shown a 26%-increase in the number of funded loans and a 54%-increase in the amount of new investors, compared to the same period last year.


P2P investors pay great attention to the safety of funds

On June 7-8, 2019 the European P2P platform Robo.cash took part in the P2P Conference in Riga. The platform shared its experience and told how the operation within the financial holding Robocash Group helps meet the expectations of investors.


P2P investors increase the investment size by 30% after the first month

The European P2P platform Robo.cash has analyzed the average investment made within the first months of investing. The results show that the average investment increases by 30% after the first month of investing on the platform and by another 10% - after the second one.