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The latest news about the platform Robocash and its results launches a Refer-a-friend Campaign!

We are happy to announce that we start this summer with the Refer-a-friend Campaign on! From now on, you can invite a friend to join the platform, and both of you will earn returns!


Robocash Group has kept its strong financial state and is ready for growth

In April, we presented to you a report on the key financial indicators of Robocash Group, which is a parent company to the P2P platform Today, we would like to share the group’s figures for the period of January-April 2020 to keep you aware of the financial state of its companies, including the platform and its loan originators. 

2020-05-29 opens secondary market for longer-term loans on the platform

We are glad to announce the launch of a secondary market on! 


Consumer loans take the biggest share in 34% of P2P investors’ portfolios

A recent poll by the European P2P platform revealed that these days, the majority of P2P investors prefer to allocate most of their funds in consumer loans. Remarkably, their preferences in this regard have not changed since the previous poll in 2019 and consequently, have not been influenced by the current economic situation.


52% of P2P investors keep the same volume of savings during the pandemic

The results of a recent poll conducted by the European P2P platform show that just over a half of P2P investors remain calm towards their current savings during the pandemic and do not rush with decisions.


Updates on the situation and activities of

Some time has passed since we last published the information on the work of and its loan originators. We would like to share with you another update about the situation on our platform and its activities. 


Earn cashback making new deposits in May!

We are happy to announce the launch of a Cashback Campaign on! Earn a 1% bonus increasing your investor’s balance in May!


43% of P2P investors trust platforms with their own or fellow loan originators

A recent survey conducted by the European P2P platform shows that nearly half of P2P investors take a platform's business model into consideration, especially during the crisis. In particular, 42.8% of them are more confident in those operating within a group of companies.


Update on loan originators of during the pandemic

We share the latest news about loan originators presented at and the status in their countries of presence, so that you are aware of the current situation.