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2022-11-28 Interview with Sergey Sedov for P2PMarketData P2PMarketData is one of the leading sources on peer-to-peer lending. They aggregate data from and about platforms and educate their readers on relevant topics within alternative finance. In the interview with P2PMarketData, Founder & CEO Sergey Sedov talks about his professional background and what it means to invest with
Anastasia Palamarchuk, Robocash Team
2022-11-23 Peak P2P seasonality expected in December

The monthly volume of funding raised by P2P platforms traditionally grows in December. Geographically, the Baltic countries show the greatest stability over the year.

Anna Semenyak, Robocash Team
2022-11-18 The share of long-term investments on Robocash grew by 20%

Since March, the share of investments in long-term loans on the Robocash platform has been increasing. Along with this, the investor earnings are also growing.

Anastasia Palamarchuk, Robocash Team
2022-11-10 Financial literacy around the world

So, we got to the very concept of financial literacy. In today's article, we will define what is meant by it, and compare the level and approaches to it in different countries of the world. 

Anastasia Palamarchuk, Robocash Team
2022-11-02 Interview with Robocash’s Product Owner Nadezhda Vlasenko We are happy to share our latest interview with Enqome. On their blog, the Enqome team raises various topics related to investments and personal finance. While they help you tame your funds, Nadezhda Vlasenko, the Product Owner of Robocash, comments on the latest news and upcoming plans.
Robocash Team
2022-10-26 Financial literacy: how to protect your capital in a crisis

Any economy is cyclical - sooner or later moments of decline are replaced by growth, and vice versa. And what happens to the economy during a crisis and how to protect yourself and your capital in such a period? The financial term "hedging" will help us answer this question.

Anastasia Palamarchuk, Robocash Team
2022-10-17 The pandemic caused positive shifts in the P2P market The “Covid” crisis has developed resilience in the P2P market and outlined qualitative changes for further development.
Anastasia Palamarchuk, Robocash Team
2022-10-12 Robocash at Finfellas P2P conference On October 5, took part in the P2P conference. Dmitry Balakhnin, Strategic Communications Director of Robocash Group, together with blogger Tobias Lindner, discussed what development strategies modern P2P platforms choose and answered questions from investors.
Anastasia Palamarchuk, Robocash Team
2022-10-05 Who is a qualified investor? The 21st century has marked the widespread growth of digitalization, paving the way to a smart home, TV, table, lamp and even a smart plug have appeared. Digital technologies have also reached the financial market, and with the development of technology, the issue of controlling the sphere to reduce possible risks has become increasingly relevant. One of the decisions was the division of investors into qualified and unqualified.
Anastasia Palamarchuk, Robocash Team
2022-10-03 Interview with Natalya Ischenko for Investisseur nomade Silvère describes himself as a nomadic investor. Besides his great love of travel, he is passionate about the quest for a world of financial independence. His blog Investisseur nomade is dedicated to one of his business pillars which is called crowdlending. This time he collected questions from other French investors to reveal the plans of the Robocash platform.
Robocash Team
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