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Elon Musk & the market: word worth billions We continue our series of articles on financial literacy aspects with a story about the notorious Elon Musk, namely, the scale of his influence on the stock markets. How does he do it? And what can the average investor learn from this story?
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What can we learn from the economic crisis? We launch a new column called “Improving financial literacy”, which will immerse you in the nuances of the global economic environment. Knowing the market helps you feel more confident in making effective investment decisions and estimated predictions. Today we will start with market crises, which can be tough, but very important lessons.
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Investment heroes of our time We have previously written about some of the most outstanding investors. With their impressive success, they have changed the world community's understanding of how to make money work the right way. Does the authority of the "guru" remain unshakable in the rapidly changing financial realities? Or does new time give birth to new heroes? Let’s find out in our review today.
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European P2P platforms are going through adolescence The continental European market of consumer and business lending is in its "young" stage of development. platform analysts have defined the life cycles of P2P platforms in terms of their behavior patterns and growth vector.
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Various strategic logics drive P2P platform development Most European P2P platforms are limited to the countries of presence and stick to one niche. At the same time, growing competition sets the trend for expanding supply and going beyond Europe. In this article, we will tell you about the development vectors of the European P2P industry.
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2022 optimal investment portfolio to yield 13.7%

A portfolio with an optimal risk-return ratio by the end of 2022 could yield 13.7%. Its largest share is occupied by P2P lending.

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Interview with Natalya Ischenko, Robocash Group COO, for Quel interet

Quel Interet is a French finance blog run by Emmanuelle Bonmalais. Emmanuelle writes about the crowdlending industry with passion, sharing her experience and useful insights. In her debut interview (with which we want to congratulate her!), she talks with Natalya Ischenko about women in fintech companies, the challenges Robocash faces and how it overcomes them.

2022-06-10 How to Invest in Stocks Before buying any shares, it’s important to understand how markets work, the different types of equities that are available, and the factors that influence price. This guide will provide an overview of these topics and offer insight on how to create a diversified portfolio that can help you achieve your financial goals.
Christopher Damis
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Staying safe with How to protect my account

When taking advantage of online investment tools, it is important to keep security in mind. We want to safeguard your funds and protect you from fraudsters.

2022-06-02 Investment Portfolio: How to Best Build and Manage One

A familiarity with the keystones of portfolio management will help you choose the right one. This article focuses on how to build and manage a portfolio and on what an investment portfolio is, while providing examples.

Christopher Damis
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