Spain and the Baltics dominate the P2P market

Continental Europe is largely represented by P2P platforms with external loan originators. Most of them are concentrated in Spain.

Third-party creditors in the consumer segment of the European P2P market account for 56.6% of the total.

There is a certain pattern associated with the age of the platforms. Companies operating for 8 years or less mostly use external originators. "This allows them to enter the market more easily." - analysts comment. "Aged" platforms, on the other hand, tend to work with their own lenders or are lenders themselves.

The Croatian, Estonian and Latvian platforms have a predisposition to rely on third-party originators. Swiss platforms, on the other hand, tend to use a traditional business model. "The traditionalism of Swiss platforms is explained by the predominant share of 'mature' platforms in the country, which, as we’ve already found out, prefer classic methods of attracting borrowers." 

Overall, the largest number of consumer loan originators in continental Europe is in Spain (23). In second place are Lithuania and Latvia (22 each). "Spain is a key player in alternative lending in Europe, which leads to a large number of stable and reliable companies that investors are willing to trust. The spread of initiators in Lithuania and Latvia is also ensured by the promising and stable growth of the Baltic market."

* analysis included 53 consumer lending platforms in continental Europe from the P2Pmarketdata website 

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