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About the company

Robocash represents a group of companies united by the entrepreneur Sergey Sedov. The companies issue microloans in 6 countries: Spain, Russia and Kazakhstan, the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam. The group is specialized in the following products: Pay Day Loans, Installment-loans, Secured loans. Microloans are issued through the high-tech automated online service and the well-developed offline net.

The holding started its work with the company “Zaymer” in 2013. Today the group comprises 8 companies uniting more than 1 255 employees. For the time of its work, more than 3 million loans have been issued. More than 4 million people in Spain, Russia and Kazakhstan, the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam are the clients of the credit companies.

Selected Financial Results


Issued loans
759 644
Total assets
13 982 605 €
5 032 565 €
Net profit
3 389 578 €


Issued loans
1 355 232
Total assets
26 776 532 €
10 811 022 €
Net profit
7 921 362 €


Issued loans
2 000 000
Total assets
46 000 000 €
17 000 000 €
Net profit
14 000 000 €

* forecast of Robocash group operations

Principles of our work

Customer focus

We believe that the customer care is a keystone of our work. We try to help our clients at the very first request.


Up-to-date technologies make a reliable financial product. We process the majority of procedures fully automatically in order to make investing fast and easy for you.

Speed and convenience

It's easy to start investing. Use the calculator to estimate your future income. The user-friendly interface will also give you a tip at each step.

Our team

Sergey Sedov

CEO & Founder

Svetlana Evdokushina

Chief Financial Officer

Oksana Gulpa

Chief Accountant

Janis Bogdasarovs

Chief Legal Officer

Ilya Chubchenko

Chief Technology Officer

Santa Lemsa

Chief Risk Officer

Valentin Kobzev

Chief Commercial Officer

Dmitry Balakhnin

Chief Brand Officer

Artyom Prokopenko

Chief Business Development Officer

Performance indicators

The consolidated data of the companies FinTerra, Zaymer.ru, Zaimer.kz, Prestamer.ES is shown in the diagrams.

The quantity of issued loans, pcs (on an annual basis)

The story of development

2010 - FinTerra

Finterra is specialized in the issue of Pay Day Loans and Secured Loans in Russia. It comprises more than 160 branch offices in 70 cities. The staff number is more than 550 employees.

2013 - Zaymer.ru

It is the first and the only high-tech lending service in Russia which issues online-loans in a fully automated mode.

2015 - Zaimer.kz

The company launched the first service in Kazakhstan which issues instant online loans to a bank card using technologies of Visa MoneyTransfer and MasterCard MoneySend. The credit company attracts clients online as well as through the net of sales branches comprising about 40 branch offices and 90 employees.

2016 - Prestamer.es

Préstamer.es is a robotic service working in Spain. It is the only online-lending service with a 24/7 client support available by phone, e-mail and chat.

2017 - Robocash

Robocash is the only investment service that belongs to the owner of the credit companies which ensure the full guarantee on return of investments and earned interests.

2018 - TezCredit.kz

TezCredit.kz is an online lending service that is the first in the financial group of companies to issue consumer loans for a period of 1 to 12 months on a bank card in 15 minutes.

Our partners

Our companies have extensive partnerships with major banks, payment and money transfer services, processing centers, major credit bureaus and lead generation services.

Sergey Sedov about Robocash


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