P2P investor goes on a six-month odyssey to profits

The surge in investor searches on P2P-related topics is echoed in the volume of the European P2P market after one month and half a year.

Since 2017, the amount of reinvested funds in the P2P market has been characterized by an upward trend. On average, there has been a monthly increase of 2.5% (or €4 M) over 7 years. In March 2024, the market volume amounted to €388 M, 8 times more than in January 2017.

For the past four years the average monthly volume of search queries on the topic of P2P* declined by 0.6%. “Probably, such dynamics is explained by the increased interest in both P2P and investments in general in the beginning of the study period. At the same time, the data have average volatility (the coefficient of variation is 20.8%), which indicates the relative instability of P2P popularity”. - the analysts of the Robo.cash platform comment.

The highest interest in P2P investments is seen from Italy (32% on average in total inquiries), France (27.9%) and Germany (16.5%).

The spike in search queries in the first and sixth month of the year “boosts” market volume. “It is likely that people interested in P2P lending follow two behavioral strategies. First, when interest in P2P grows, investors study the market. After a month of searching through the options they choose the most favorable one in their opinion. In the second case, the investor approaches P2P more carefully and monitors the news background over the long term at six-monthly intervals. After a new wave of requests, the user remains satisfied with the market research and decides to invest”. - the experts add.

* combinations of “p2p lending”, “p2p investments”, “p2p invest”, “p2p platform” were used as key queries.

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