March Results and a Glimpse of New Feature

Here we are, ready to take a look at the platform's performance over the past month and give you a sneak peek into an upcoming feature.

A new strategy is on the horizon

We've always aimed for simple and convenient investing, and now it's about to get even easier. 

No details yet, but we'll tell you soon how to maximize your investment opportunities with the new solution. Stay in the loop by subscribing to our news and official Telegram channel. 

In the meantime, we've prepared a new set of materials for you, covering the market and beyond. 

The future of P2P: changing investor portrait and AI impact

  • Further development of technologies promises to drive the European P2P market. Here we’ve outlined the impact they could have and on what scale.
  • Alternative investors are “maturing”. What is the average age of investors and what investment projects do they prefer? Read in our new research.
  • Lastly, we dedicated a separate article to how investor preferences have changed regarding investment terms. review from re:think P2P

Together with German blogger Denny, let's take a look back at what is all about. Follow the link to his updated review in English.

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