High Yield Investments in the UK

This article will introduce everyone to various safe, high yield investments, what they offer and how to go about them.  

There are several ways for any willing person to invest his or her money, but not many will fetch them plenty of returns on their capital. And several of the high yield investments are scams that promise you everything and give you little or nothing as payback for your capital. Investors must be wary and inculcate patience before depositing money for any investment.

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High yield Investments With Different Risk Levels

The major problem with many high-yield income investments is that the risks are high. You are better served with assets that can offer you over 10% returns. You get almost guaranteed surplus yields with the slightest risks. Top-performing assets include P2P loans, alternative money vehicles, real estate, etc.   


For investors who don’t mind taking high risks for potentially high profits, cryptocurrency is one of the best money moves you can make. You can start with popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum before putting money into other coins. But you must know that cryptocurrencies are quite risky for day trading or short-term high return investment due to their volatility. Plenty of money can be made in a short time, and you could also lose a lot very fast. But you may gain big profits if you are patient.   

Certificates of Deposit

A certificate of deposit is a deposit account for a periodic time that fetches interest during the deposit duration. The duration could range from a quarter to half a decade. The returns on these certificates are better than a savings account because you can’t withdraw the money early without incurring a penalty. Some certificates of deposit have maturity dates at various periods, such as every year or every half-year. You get greater interest rates at each interval.         

Real Estate Investment Trust

Real estate investment trusts or REITs are high-yield property investments from realtors. These institutes purchase properties and oversee these properties on investors’ behalf. Investors profit every 3 months or every year from these. It is an excellent way to invest in properties without spending active time and energy searching for, purchasing, and managing properties. The interest rate from some REITs ranges around 8%.

REITs can be bought from investment companies or on the stock market. Not all of them are listed on the market. Most REITs require a minimum capital of thousands of dollars.        

Corporate Bonds

Corporate bonds refer to bonds issued by large companies to raise money. But they are quite risky as they aren’t as secured as government bonds. Stick to long-term companies which minimize the risk involved. Corporate bonds can be purchased through funds dedicated for the purpose.    

Growth Stocks

Growth stocks are the stocks of companies known for their accelerated growth. These companies are expected to keep the trend and keep on growing at a constant, rapid pace. These companies experience blistering growth that outpaces others. The market valuations of these companies have increased tremendously through several years, and their share prices continue to trend up. Buying these companies' stocks is a high return investment decision. These stocks are mainly purchased for their projected capital growth rather than their dividends. Investing in them is for those who don’t mind leaving their money untouched for some years. Most growth companies pivot on reinvesting and expansion rather than paying back dividends to those who put money into them.      

P2P Investment

P2P stands for Peer-to-Peer investment. It involves investing in valuable notes from borrowers who request loans from non-bank lenders, such as microlending companies. The notes fetch interest. P2P takes place over the internet through a P2P investing company. Investors can sell the issued notes, which basically represent loans, before the borrower repays the debt to exit the investment and recoup their capital if the company offers such service. P2P usually provides better interest rates than what traditional investments offer to investors. The returns are more impressive than what is obtainable from several other schemes, ranging from 5 to 14% and higher. You can try this kind of investment at Robo.cash and obtain up to 13.3% of annual returns. The investment process is fully automated, so once you set up your portfolio, you may leave the capital invested and just watch it grow.     

Portfolio Diversification

Portfolio diversification is key to securing capital and mitigating risks. All your money shouldn’t be invested in one asset. You can use any strategy you desire to diversify your investment portfolio. Various high-income investments can be invested in for the diversification of your portfolio. Diversification applies to loan tenure too. Some investors diversify by investing in both short-term and long-term loans. Short-term loans last for six months or less. Long-term loans last for over six months to several years.