RC Riga

Launched: 2018
Type of loan: Commercial Loan (secured by pledge on claim rights of Robocash.kz towards its debtors)
Loan size: up to 100 000 EUR
Loan maturity: up to 2 years
Currency: EUR
Interest rate for investors: 11-12.7%
Buyback guarantee: 100%


Website: https://robo.zaimer.kz
Number of employees: 38
Type of loan: Commercial Loans
Loan size: up to 89 000 EUR

About the creditor

Limited Liability Company “RC RIGA” is a special purpose vehicle incorporated in Latvia in 2018 whose sole purpose is to provide secured financing to companies of Robocash Group, including to microloan issuing companies like LLP MFO Robocash.kz, to support its business growth against loan portfolio or other type of security. LLP MFO Robocash.kz has been active since 2020. The entity provides short-term consumer loans in Kazakhstan.

Model of operation

  1. LLP MFO Robocash.kz transfers funds to operating entities of the financial group in SEA region under the Commercial Loan Agreements, the right of claim to the operating entities will be a guarantee for the performance of obligations under the Loan agreement signed between LLP «MFO «Robocash.kz» and the Limited liability company RC RIGA (hereinafter RC RIGA).
  2. RC RIGA transfers funds to Robocash.kz under the Loan agreement specifying a payment schedule.
  3. RC RIGA transfers to the limited liability company Robocash d.o.o. (hereinafter ROBOCASH) the information about the loan issued to Robocash.kz according to the Partnership Agreement.
  4. Users of the platform use ROBOCASH according to the User Agreement to transfer funds to RC RIGA based on the signed Assignment Agreement to acquire a part of a claim for the Loan agreement concluded between RC RIGA and Robocash.kz
  5. ROBOCASH transfers funds received from Users to RC RIGA.
  6. Operating entities in SEA region return funds to LLP MFO Robocash.kz under the Commercial loan agreements.
  7. LLP MFO Robocash.kz returns funds RC RIGA according to the payment plan under the Loan agreement.
  8. RC RIGA returns funds and interests received from Robocash.kz to ROBOCASH on the date and in the proportion specified in the Assignment Agreements.
  9. ROBOCASH transfers funds received from RC RIGA to Users of the platform.
  10. In case of a delay of the loan repayment made by the operating entities, the next day Robocash.kz completely returns the size of the commercial loan and the accrued interests to RC RIGA.