August in Review - closing summer's chapter

August came to an end with solid results and important changes. Investors purchased a record €22 M worth of loans and 500 new users joined the platform, the first increase since the beginning of the summer.

What happened in August?

Changes in the Loyalty program

New terms of the Loyalty program came into force on August 28. Please note that they will apply to old and new loans. You can find detailed information in the bonus programs section.

New series of articles on the P2P market

The platform's analysts continue to study the features of the P2P market from within and in line with competitive assets. What have they found out this time?

  • P2P platforms are gaining momentum in achieving key metrics. Here we've outlined how the statistics have changed over the past five years.
  • So many investors, so many portfolios. What portfolio combination might be a good alternative for you? Read more in this article.
  • Over the past year, many assets have shown positive shifts in returns. How P2P investments behave and whether they can boldly compete with other instruments, read in the review at the following link.

A new video on our channel – pick your best strategy

If you want to be getting regular income or focus on gaining capital, Robocash has the right tools for you. Watch our new video to find out how to tailor your portfolio to best suit your needs.

Upcoming webcast with CEO Robocash Group 

We look forward to seeing you at the webcast, which will take place on September 5 at 12:00 CEST. Natalia Ishchenko, CEO of Robocash Group, will answer your questions and talk about the results and business plans. We will post a link to the meeting on the website the day before the webcast. 

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Robocash is not regulated under any financial services license. When you invest on Robocash, you buy claim rights for loan receivables and investments in loan receivables are subject to risks. We advise diversifying investments and carefully evaluating the risks.