March results: maintaining steady volumes

After a quiet February, we slightly increased volumes and continue to provide you with a stable income. Let's look at the numbers.

What happened in March?

We have exceeded 600 M euros of purchased loans since the launch of Thank you for that!

Changes in the Refer a Friend Program

From March 10, the conditions of the Referral Program have changed. Now both parties – you and your friend – receive a bonus of 0.5% of the invested amount of the invited participant on the 31st day after your friend registers. You can find the full terms & conditions in the documents section.

Robocash tutorial

If you have not yet decided which investment strategy to choose on the platform, watch our new video tutorial. Here we talk about the pros and cons of investing in short-term and long-term loans.

Market review & investing tips

  • For those who actively follow the P2P market, we have compiled statistics on how much funds the platforms have raised through funding rounds over 17 years.
  • Can 5 years of passive investing get you a house? We tried to figure out the calculations and suggested a couple of approaches in our new review. (Spoiler alert – they can!)
  • In a new article on financial literacy, we looked at inflation from the point of view of investment and told what to expect and how to use it for good.

New income option on the way!

We continue to actively work on the service to make it even easier and more convenient. Soon, we will announce another investment strategy that will help you combine different approaches to financial management.

Stay tuned!

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Robocash is not regulated under any financial services license. When you invest on Robocash, you buy claim rights for loan receivables and investments in loan receivables are subject to risks. We advise diversifying investments and carefully evaluating the risks.