One-third of investors allocated over €10,000 on P2P platforms in 2018

Recently, the European P2P investment platform conducted a survey among P2P investors. According to its results, the popularity of P2P investments is on the rise: 69% of the respondents started investing over the last two years, and 35% of investors allocated more than 10,000 on P2P lending platforms in 2018.  

Compared to a similar survey conducted by in 2017, the age group of P2P investors hasn’t changed significantly: the majority of them (52%) still belong to the generation of Millenials (23-38 years old). The typical P2P investor is well-educated: 37% of respondents hold a Master’s degree or higher, and 26% have a Bachelor’s degree. 9% of respondents mentioned that finance had been their major at the university.

The majority of respondents belong to the working category: 75% of them work full time or part time, and  13% run business. At the same time, only 3% of investors mentioned career as a life priority. This can be explained by the fact that job is not the only source of income for investors. Thus, 28% named P2P investments a major source of additional income. Also, 47% rely on income from investments to secure enough money for retirement.

As shown by the survey, the preferred type of investments is consumer loans (35%). Regarding the loan duration, 51% of respondents prefer short-term loans, as they ensure a high turnover of investments, whereas only 10% chose long-term loans. Along with consumer loans, the respondents mostly invest in shares (25%), real estate (20%), SMEs (9%) and bonds (9%).

The findings of the survey prove the growing popularity of P2P investments over the last years: 69% of respondents started investing 2 years ago or less, while only 11% have been investing for more than 5 years. Besides, the majority of investors (35%) allocated more than 10,000 on P2P platforms in 2018. On the whole, respondents showed a positive attitude towards P2P investments: 80% of them think about increasing the volume of investments on P2P platforms in the next few years.

The survey was launched by at the beginning of February and lasted for 3 weeks. In total, it involved over 350 people from 28 countries with different background and investing experience.