Over 70% of European P2P investors use PCs to manage portfolios

70.2% of potential and actual European investors access websites of P2P platforms via desktop computers as well as laptops. Among online visitors using mobile devices, 25.0% prefer smartphones and 4.8% - tablets. These are the statistics of the European P2P platform Robo.cash.

Analysts of the company explain that making an investment decision often requires easy access to additional information and a thoughtful approach. It is way more convenient to use a desktop website version  to manage data, create investment portfolios or configure the settings. This is especially true for investors who distribute funds between several P2P platforms and have to work with data on different websites. According to Robo.cash, the share of such investors amounts to 95.3%.

Smartphones and tablets are rather used to access the personal accounts and check the investment balance. The statistics of the platform suggest that the biggest number of visitors accessing the website via mobile devices use Apple gadgets. They are owned by more than half of investors (50.5%). Samsung ranks second with 16.4%, and Huawei takes the third place (9.7%). 

Interestingly, Apple gadgets are not the most prevalent in Europe. Thus, in Q1 2019, the company sold only 14.7% of all new devices in the region, against 25.4% sold by Huawei and 29.5% - by Samsung. Apparently, European P2P investors are simply more likely to use Apple products compared to the average Europeans.


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