P2P loans are the most profitable assets for 53% of European investors


According to a recent survey completed by the P2P platform Robo.cash dedicated to the financial results in 2019, over half of European P2P investors said that the alternative lending brought them the highest returns last year. The company expects that despite the coronavirus pandemic, the segment will keep the leading positions in 2020.

Namely P2P loans proved their reputation of the most profitable assets type in the past year, as indicated by 52.8% of respondents.

The next most popular answers, albeit with a significant gap, were shares and ETFs, mentioned by 19% and 16.9% of investors respectively. Some other profitable investment assets included real estate (2.6%), bonds (2.2%) and business loans (1.7%).

Realizing the good performance of the P2P segment, 84% of investors increased its share in their portfolios last year. 24.2% increased it by 25%-50%, 21.2% — by 50%-100%, and 16% — more than doubled it.

Sergey Sedov, CEO of Robocash Group, shared his expectations concerning  P2P investments this year: We hope that the attitude of investors towards the P2P segment will not significantly change during 2020 despite the current situation in the markets. According to our survey conducted in March, the pandemic did not affect 79.5% of European investors' P2P portfolios. Moreover, this year, investors can benefit from even higher interest rates  on P2P loans, as many platforms increased them to adapt to the changing market conditions. At the same time, the income from these investments remains stable compared to other assets, such as shares. It is important, however, to choose a financially sustainable company with a strong track record and strict borrower scoring policy to invest in.


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