Performance of our loan originators in 2022

The past year has been challenging, but it's time to take stock and start 2023 with new goals and plans. We are pleased to share the results of our creditors for 2022*.

RC Riga Kazakhstan

2022 turned out to be a very dynamic year for the company. After February, business in Kazakhstan was able to increase the volume of loans through its own financing, maintaining leadership in the Kazakhstan PDL market:

  • Net profit exceeded the planned figure by 2.5 times.
  • The company maintains a consistently high customer loyalty index of 82%.
  • Loan issuance increased by 60% compared to 2021.

RC Riga Singapore

The Singapore loan originator is raising funds for the development of the Robocash Group's business model. Among other things, these are:

  • business support in Vietnam: in 2022, loan issuance here increased by 53% compared to 2021,
  • planning new product launches in Africa and Latin America., Spain

Overall growth for 2022 was +5% thanks to:

  • overfulfilling the plan for repeated customers by 15% in November,
  • systematic growth of portfolio in October.

RC Riga Sri Lanka 

The business began to fully develop in 2022.

  • The issued principal for Q4 exceeded the figures for Q4 2021 by 7 times.
  • The share of overdue loans is maintained at 11,5% FPD 60+, which indicates growth in the quality of borrowers.

UnaPay, the Philippines

In 2022, the focus of our Una team in the Philippines was to shape the company's strategic vision. Among other things, currently the company aims to:

  • add new merchants (Kimstore, Emcore),
  • update the mobile app. 

Digido, the Philippines

Digido became part of the Fintech Alliance.PH, the largest financial technology and digital player association in the Philippines. 2022 was also marked for the company by other results:

  • Loan issuance increased by 35% compared to 2021.
  • The number of repeated loans increased by 79%.
  • Net profit showed growth of 16%.

*- data given for November 2022 and compared to 11 months of 2021

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