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What are the “Income options” for?

There are 5 income options available on the platform. They let you decide what happens to your money when you get income from a loan.

  • Balance: the money goes to your account balance. From there you can transfer it to another portfolio or withdraw it to your bank account.
  • Payout: the earnings go directly to your bank account. Please remember that the minimum amount that can be automatically withdrawn to your bank is €50. If you have a portfolio with the Payout option, small earnings will accumulate until they reach the total of €50, and then will be withdrawn to your bank account.
  • Reinvest full amount: when loans are closed, the money stays in the portfolio and gets invested in other loans. This option is preferable if you want to increase your income with compound interest.
  • Reinvest principal amount: the initial amount that you invested is used to buy new loans, while the earnings are sent to your balance.
  • Portfolio: when loans close, the money and the earnings are sent to your other portfolio. This option is only available if you have more than 1 active portfolio.

You can have several portfolios with different income options so you can tailor your portfolio to your strategy. You can watch our video to learn more about the 2 most popular strategies on the platform.

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