European investors to expand P2P portfolios in 2024

Robocash investors positively assessed the results of the past year. Almost a third of respondents plan to increase their investment portfolios in 2024.

Robocash analysts questioned investors to find out how their preferences have changed in the past year. The survey involved 617 respondents from 29 countries.

Overall, 2023 was viewed positively by investors. 83% of participants said that the year met their expectations from the P2P market.

73% managed to achieve their investment plans and 6% even exceeded the goals. "The year proved to be quite successful." - experts commented on the statistics. "The volumes of the continental P2P industry went up. Stock markets also gave investors ample profit opportunities and steered clear of critical collapses."

In the past year, investors have been most affected by economic indicators such as inflation and interest rates (32%). In second place were geopolitical events (26%). "Similar statistics were observed in 2022. Investors are aware of the risks associated with the unpredictability of the economic situation, political conflicts and endeavor to balance them".

Analyzing the prospects for 2024, the vast majority take a rather conservative approach and maintain portfolio volumes. 28% of respondents intend to expand their investment opportunities.

ETFs (24%), equities (18%) and P2P consumer lending (11%) are the leaders in share gains. At the same time, P2P investments are among the top three for perceived declines. "Perhaps going forward, investors are wary of increased volatility in the sector. This could be due to recent regulatory tightening, for example. It’s also possible that investors are seeing other investment opportunities. Overall, the changes reflect a shift in investor interest towards high returns despite increasing risks." - the experts add.

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