Bonds and deposits lose out to P2P in 2024

2024 promises to be a more rewarding period for various assets than 2023. Instruments with non-fixed yields and those with consistently high rates will be in the spotlight.

Robocash analysts studied 8 assets using a number of key parameters. These included simplicity, entry threshold, 5-year yield, risk assessment and growth forecast. 

Cryptocurrencies took the first place in terms of attractiveness. "In our previous ranking for 2023, they were first from the end, which was not a surprise to anyone. Gradually investors began to remember about Bitcoin Halving 2024, and discuss the approval of spot bitcoin-ETFs. Such expectations led to the crypto market doubling in 2023, and in fact this is not the limit yet."- the analysts commented.

Stocks and P2P lending also ranked in the top 3. "The main driver of stocks’ growth in 2024 may be the “cooling” of the Monetary policy in the leading countries." - the experts add. "The P2P sector shows a consistently good rate of return – 10.7% at the end of 2023, which is much higher than bonds and deposits. We expect the market to set a new record in terms of volumes at a nominal rate above 10% per annum."

The group of the least promising assets was made up of generally identical instruments - bonds and deposits. The analysts attribute these results to a regional banking crisis in the U.S. in early 2023, as well as an increase in bankruptcies in developed countries due to a tough Monetary policy.

Overall, Robocash experts are rather positive about 2024. "Most likely, it will be possible to make money on any of the assets, which could not be said about 2023. However, we should expect a reasonably tense geopolitical backdrop this year, which will largely affect all financial markets. And added to this is the still high risk of some assets, which is not going anywhere." - they summarize.

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